Wednesday, 18 September 2013

New Look Website 全新面貌的足總網站

New Look Website

I really hope that you like our new website. We have responded to comments that we have received from lots of people and tried to incorporate the features that have been suggested. We get a huge volume of ‘traffic’ to the site (over 700,000 ‘hits’ every day). This just shows how much interest there is in the HKFA, the work we do and football in Hong Kong generally.
The new website is I believe much more informative and there is more detail particularly around the 1st Division where this season we are monitoring the ‘stats’ for all of the matches and players. This data is also necessary to support our new ‘Fantasy Football’ game which is proving to be very popular.
The design and layout is more contemporary and hopefully we have made it easier to navigate the site. For example we have specific pages for different facets of our work including the Representative Teams, 1st Division, women’s football, youth development, refereeing, coach education etc.
We would appreciate your feedback on the new site and as always we would welcome your comments and observations on how we can make it better. We have also launched a new bi-monthly e-newsletter so if you are interested in receiving a copy, just drop us an email. It’s all part of our plan to make the HKFA more transparent and to engage better with the football fans of Hong Kong.
Finally I would like to thank our Marketing and IT teams for their hard work in getting the new website and e-newsletter up and running.







    I see Singapore is bidding to host 2019 FIFA Youth World Cup.

    Maybe HKFA should talk to FAS about co-hosting the 2019 FIFA Youth World Cup? By 2019 Kai Tak Stadium will be ready and we can also use HK Stadium, Mongkok Stadium and Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground. They need 7 stadiums with about 7,000 capacity each and I don't think Singapore really has the 7 required as of now. This is potentially a great opportunity.

    Please at least try to talk to FAS. Stop saying I need to do A, then B, then C, then D and then we can consider co-hosting, when you don't even know if you will be around by 2019.



  2. Dear Allan,
    I have some contacts at the FAS so I can make some tentative enquiries. Having been to Singapore and worked there on football projects I don't think they have the 7 stadiums either. However they have had a FIFA inspection already and we have not. Also I do not believe that the new Tai Tak Stadium will be finished in time to host the Youth World Cup in 2019. In reality it would need to be finished in 2018 to hold 'test' events, which I just can't see happening.
    A joint bid also pre-supposes that FAS would want us to join with them and also that FIFA would accept a joint bid.
    I'm not ruling it out and I'm not saying it's a bad idea, I am just putting forward the isses that will need to be addressed. In principle I think it is a good idea to host events - just look at the AFC U16 qualifiers that we hosted. Would we have qualified for the finals if we hadn't hosted it? I don't think so.
    It is unlikely that I will still be here in 2019, my contract expires long before that but that is irrelevant. I care about what happens to Hong Kong football in the long term, not just the time that I am here.
    Thanks for the good idea.

  3. Women's League section is only in Chinese, can we please also have it English?

  4. Dear 'soundsofwood',

    Thank you for pointing this out. I will speak to our Marketing Department.